Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Saddam Husseins in India

Read the following news items:

If Saddam Hussein can live on, pray why Adolf Hitler cannot? Recently, some enterprising people opened a restaurant and named it "Hitler's Cross". Why was there such a hue and cry over it and just because a certain minority wanted it down, the name was changed to something more acceptable.

Wonder what would happen if some support groups identifying themselves with the persecuted minorities in Iraq demand that all these children and the village be renamed or killed/destroyed.

My Take:- Individual Freedom should not be compromised. Individuals can exercise self-censorship, but there should be no moral policing. So the people have every right to name their children "Saddam Hussein" or "Hitler "or "Osama Bin Laden" or even "Donkey Bush Pig Laden" as they wish amd Hitler's cross should have remained as it was. If someone does not like the name of a restaurant, do not eat there.
If you do not like M.F. Hussein's paintings, by all means do not attend his exhibitions, condemn his paintings in any public forum, all is fine till you do it peacefully and not inflict any damage (physical) onto Hussein's work or try him from stop him from painting. Paint M.F. Hussein or his mother or his sister or any one nude and being serviced by a donkey, if you must, but do not harm the guy. Similarly, condemn the Danish cartoons by all means, but do NOT go about destroying public property or try to kill the cartoonist. Do not buy the Danish newspaper if it affects you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi!To 'an' extent I agree.As far as individual freedom is concerned,I should know where it ends as well.
As for Saddam and 'media' all i can say is "Crazy Kiya Re..".
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Prudent Indian