Friday, March 02, 2012

BJP for UP 2012

Alright! Since everybody and his uncle has been making predictions on the UP elections, let me throw in my 2 cents. In another three days, it will be proven whether I am right or wrong.

Note: All my information is from tertiary sources since it is next to impossible to sit here in Ohio & have access to primary / secondary sources. So, most of my success / failure to predict the results needs to be attributed to luck, more than anything else

My Predictions:
Samajwadi Party: 140+/- 20 seats
Bahujan Samaj Party: 100 +/- 20 seats
Bhartiya Janata Party: 90 +/- 20 seats
Congress: 40 +/- 10 seats
Others: 0 to 40 seats

As much as I wish BJP to form a government, I don't see that happening. I think the SP will form the govt. with support from Congress and Others; BJP and BSP will sit in the opposition.

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